Smart factories need smart service

26 Apr 2024
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A smart factory designed for productivity also needs an innovative service approach. Müller Martini recognised this early on, proactively configuring its service offering to tap into the full potential of its machines in operation. The extensive, modular offering is combined into MMServices and accompanies the finishing solutions from Müller Martini throughout their entire life cycle. The company will be demonstrating exactly how this works at drupa booth 1B50.

Due to the current economic conditions, the printing industry is also facing major challenges, forcing companies to act in order to remain competitive. Besides new, efficient production solutions, service also plays a key role in meeting customer expectations. Given the ever tighter delivery deadlines, unplanned production stoppages are a no go.

In recent years, Müller Martini has invested extensively in its service offering and network, both in terms of staffing and technology. As a result, the Swiss finishing specialist has established itself as a reliable partner in the industry. This fact is underscored by customer feedback, with over 90% rating the services positively.

‘With this in mind, we have consistently developed our offering, following a proactive lifecycle management approach with MMServices. We support our customers in maintaining the productivity of their finishing systems throughout their entire service life,’ emphasises Felix Stirnimann, Global Service Business, Member of the Executive Board at Müller Martini.

Each machine is categorised by lifecycle and the availability of spare parts and support is defined accordingly. In the central MPOWER portal, the installed base and status of the individual machines is displayed transparently,’ he continued.

Data-driven service and support
Today, customer requirements for service and support are very individual. Aspects such as the business model or usage rating play a key role. ‘The break & fix approach is becoming increasingly less important,’ explains Felix Stirnimann. ‘Nowadays, our customers expect planned, structured, and budgeted service. This is why we work with customers to arrange tailored services under the label MMSelect.’

With the customer’s consent, Müller Martini accesses production data to be able to offer specific services. By introducing the MPOWER customer portal, the company has opened up completely new opportunities to develop data-driven solutions.

MPOWER features comprehensive analysis and reporting tools to analyse and visualise data gained based on various criteria. Users can view the productivity of a system per order, per shift or over a defined period of time. More than 2 000 customers now use the MPOWER customer portal.

The numbers speak for themselves
In the event of a machine standstill, quick response times are, without fail, the most important factor for any customer. This is why the Müller Martini call centre is available around the clock. Customers can either contact the centre by phone or make an eCall using the new MPower function.

Over 90% of requests are resolved quickly in this manner.

An eShop was set up over ten years ago and has been optimised continuously ever since. Today, 40% of all spare parts orders are handled through the platform. And if all else fails, Müller Martini has over 32 service support points worldwide and can rely on 330 service and support technicians.

Current data from production act as a foundation for making fact-based service decisions in collaboration with the customer. Müller Martini offers various services to analyse the current situation in finishing and define additional measures based on the analysis. The result may be employee training, a hardware or software upgrade, or a new investment.

Müller Martini will present this consultation approach in detail at drupa 2024. Of course, artificial intelligence (AI) has already found its way into service, in the area of remote support. It aids our specialists in providing solutions even faster. With the help of AI, the relevant documents can be found faster and the problem eliminated quickly.

All of this and much more can be seen at Müller Martini’s booth B50 in Hall 1 at drupa.

Key figures for MMServices

– Customer satisfaction over 90 percent

– 32 service support points worldwide

– 330 service technicians worldwide

– 110 000 stocked spare parts

– 90 percent of orders shipped same-day