NUtec Digital Ink invests in renewable energy for production

07 May 2024
  • Ink manufacturer
  • NUtec Digital Ink
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar energy
  • Sustainability

Leading manufacturer, NUtec Digital Ink recently announced a major stride in its sustainability journey with the installation of an extensive solar energy system at its production facility in Cape Town, South Africa.

The newly installed photovoltaic system, which went live in January 2024, features a 266kWp solar plant coupled to a 516kWh battery and will generate 400MWh of clean energy annually, meeting more than half of the factory’s power demand per year.

Additionally, the solar installation will also eliminate diesel consumption currently required during periods of electricity outages and grid instability, significantly decreasing the company’s reliance on traditional energy sources. The combined impact of these reductions will cut carbon emissions by 600 tons annually.

‘This multi-million rand investment will not only ensure operational reliability for our company but also marks a significant decrease in the factory’s carbon footprint,’ states NUtec Digital Ink financial director, Darren Crosse.

Established in 2009, NUtec Digital Ink is a developer and producer of wide format digital printing inks for the signage, visual communications, textile and industrial sectors. The company’s products can be found in over 100 countries and are supplied and supported by an extensive global distribution network.