Kyocera SA welcomes Jimmy de Waal as new Sales and Marketing Director

05 Feb 2024

Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa has appointed Jimmy de Waal as the new Sales and Marketing Director.

‘With a rich background in business management, a proven track record in sales and marketing, and a deep interest in building relationships, Jimmy is set to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to our sales and marketing team,’ said Paul Wendlandt, General Manager at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa.

‘He is known for his ability to develop and lead teams effectively, through focusing on individual strengths to achieve collective goals, and we are delighted to welcome him on board,’ added Paul.

Jimmy’s career began in a video shop, followed by a role in industrial roller door sales in Johannesburg. But it was in the copy and print industry that he found his calling, where he started in sales at Applied Imaging and quickly rose to become the Sales and Marketing Director, playing a key role in the company’s focus on large format printing.

Jimmy later moved to Canon South Africa in the role of office Product Manager (PM). He was soon appointed Production Print Business Development Manager (BDM) and PM. After convincing the company to establish a dedicated B2B marketing team, he was appointed Head of Marketing, a role that saw him working closely with European export and direct and indirect channels.

‘My aim at Kyocera is to create a unified team, where each member contributes to the company’s goals while having fun and building a culture of trust,’ Jimmy said. ‘I believe in the importance of a balanced work environment, where achieving business objectives goes hand in hand with personal growth and team building.’

With an eye on the future, Jimmy is mindful of the potential and challenges of AI in the industry. ‘AI’s integration into the print industry signifies a shift towards more intelligent, responsive and efficient printing solutions, catering to evolving market demands and technological advancements. From operational efficiency to customer experience, the role of AI in the print industry is transformative. My focus is on ensuring that AI assists rather than replaces human functions, given the crucial role of human judgement and emotion in decision-making.’

He added, ‘I thrive on managing and developing teams, always focusing on bringing out the best in people. With each initiative I lead, my goal is to leave a lasting impact on the business and the people I work with.’

Away from work, Jimmy’s interests include live music, playing guitar, travelling, mountain biking, running and online gaming – activities that reflect his dynamic approach to work-life balance.